Just like relationship between peoples, home appliances also play an important role in human life. However, many time any problem occur in the appliances we can’t decide, what to do, we must repair or go for new one. On many occasion, several companies offered many schemes to purchases much needed appliances in a cheap prize, that’s a good chance to replace our old appliances by new one. But before to spend the money on a new home appliance, here are some useful instructions to help you make the right choice between many choices or many offer.

1.       Product warranty period is over or not- if there is any problem in our appliances we have to check manufactures warranty document, normally companies provide 1 or 2 years product warranty.  If our product in warranty period, customer can repair their product for free by under company services.

2.       Consult with customer care executives- if your product in a warranty period then there is no problem, company repair our product without any charge but if our product in out of warranty then we need to consult with customer care executives, because many time they solve our problems on call, if it is not possible then you can request to them for a visit.

3.       Repair or replace home appliances, confused??-  after all advice if you are still confused what you have to do, replace or repair, then there is some instruction they help you to take final decision.

·         50% charge rule- many companies offers low service rates but in final stage the cost become higher than our expectation. If service cost is less than 50% of the rate of appliance then we need to repair our product, and if it is higher than the 50% of actual product rate then go for a new one.
·         Fix it yourself- if there is minor problem in our product then do it yourself. May be in   minor repair we waste our money, so if there is minor problem you can fix yourself.
·         Figure out the cost of repair. If your appliance is relatively new, replacing a part may work better. However, if the cost is more than half the purchase price, you should consider replacing the unit.
·         Life rules- all appliances has average life, suppose refrigerators life span around 12-14 years, microwave life span is around 8-10 years. If our appliances near to their average life span, then we need to repair our product.

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